Security Guard Training – What Should You Know

Security Guard Training is training offered to those individuals who want to become security guards. Most States or employers require that their applicants have this training that is offered by special school. In many cases, one will become certified after completion of this training or get a security license.

People will find that there is a wide variety of different options available to those who are considering working in the security field. They can find options that work with city, state, federal, and local governments. They can also work privately for companies, security firms, shopping centers, residential areas, business districts, and more. Of course, to get started, they will need to be at least 18 years of age and will often have to get security training. However, before they can do this training, they will have to undergo a background check and show that they are mentally capable of handling the duties and responsibilities of people in this field.

People will find that you can find training options that are suited specifically to the job that you will be doing. This could be anything from basic school course training in physical presence crime prevention to more sophisticated options in crime prevention.

This training normally begins by requiring personal protection in London students to complete an 8 hour training course or pre assignment course. This coursework will key on the responsibilities and legalities surrounding these positions. They will have to pass an exam based on what you have learned. However, once this training is complete, they can apply to get the certification.

Once this pre-assignment training is done, students will have to complete on the job training. This training will be done with your employer. If you do not have an employer at this point, you will need to get one at this time. This training will require you to complete a number of hours with the employer within the first three months or six months. The exact amount and time limit to complete this training can vary from State to State. However, after this training is complete, they will have completed the training and will become fully licensed and certified.

Now, the person can begin their work as a fully professional security guard. Many States will require the person to keep their license or guard card on their person or risk getting a fine. In fact, in these States, they can be fined if they are not licensed or their card is not up to date. The latter aspect is why it is important to complete your refresher training each year several months prior to the expiration date to ensure that it stays up to date.

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