The Low Port Primary School Education Trust

Reg. Charity (SC017162)

What is it ?

The Trust Fund is a charity set up to enhance the education of each and every child at Low Port Primary School. It provides parents with a tax efficient method to make a voluntary investment in the education of their child allowing the school to provide items and support areas that just would not otherwise be possible. The benefits provided are for all the children who attend, present and future. The Trust Fund Constitution is available for those who wish to know more.

Contributions can be made on a monthly, annual or one-off basis. Everyone can give at a level and frequency that suits their own personal financial circumstances. All contributions are very much appreciated and if regular donations of even a few pounds are made each month, it soon adds up. It is important to highlight all donations are made with the utmost confidentiality with only the Treasurer of the fund having access to this information.

Making a contribution

Donations can be made via online banking or via a paper standing order form taken to your bank. Click on the desired method below:

What makes it tax efficient ?

The most benefit is achieved when donations are made under the Inland Revenue Gift Aid Scheme. Every £1 donated is worth an extra 25 pence to the school through the scheme as long as the donor has paid sufficient UK income or Capital Gains Tax in each year that donations are made. The amount of tax paid must be at least equal to the amount the Trust will claim back on the donor's behalf.

Gift Aid can only be claimed if your signed form has been received prior to your contribution. Gift Aid form are available here or from the school office. After completion, please hand the signed form into the school office, marked for the attention of the Trust Fund Treasure. Once you have signed the form then future contributions are covered, so long as you remain at tax payer.

What benefit has the Trust Fund provided recently ?

In each of the last three financial years the fund has enabled the purchase of thousands of pounds worth of items. In 2011/12 major items included a laptop trolley and a substantial investment in books for the library as well as enhancing the selection of class reading books. In 2012/13 further investment was made in the library with IT equipment as well as items were purchased for a number of the school’s clubs. This year (2013/2014) the fund has made a substantial contribution towards the superb all-weather pitch, allowing the project to go ahead and to pay for the on-going maintenance and other playground enhancements. The school garden has also benefitted with new trees, plants and paint for the fences and the chess club has also got up and running thanks to the purchase of chess equipment and training aids.

The expenditure over the past few years was possible due to the generosity of those who gave to the fund. Thank you!

We would very much like to keep up this good work and are never short of ideas as budgets become ever more stretched. The school desperately needs sets of football strip and netball outfits and the pupils would like more benches in the playground. For this we ask for your financial help and future Trust Fund project ideas are also very much welcome.

Who are the Trustees ?

From the Parent Council - Richard Payne & Andrew MacIntyre (Treasurer)

If you have any questions please contact the Trust Fund Treasurer, Andrew MacIntyre directly or by e-mail : .