Low Port Primary boasts a very active Parent Teacher Association (PTA). Our objectives are to;

  • Promote close cooperation between parents/carers and teachers
  • Create opportunities for social interaction between parents/carers, students and teachers
  • To raise funds to support the school both educationally and socially


We have a core committee consisting of Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and two Low Port Teachers.
We also have other members – some meeting-attending and others online who help on a regular basis.

Who’s Who

  • Chair – Rebecca Holmes
  • Vice Chair – Helen Wallace
  • Treasurer – Kirsty Pllu
  • Secretary – Lucy Wilson
  • School Uniforms – Alice Buckley and Ruth Watson
  • Teachers – Elizabeth Ramsay and Vanessa McGilliard

Key Activities

  • Organisation of social events both free and paid
  • Organisation of fundraising activities


We meet on a bi-monthly basis at the school and also communicate in between meetings via email and an online forum.
All parents are welcome at our meetings! It is a great way to get involved in the school and meet other like-minded parents/carers. We can always benefit from more help on the PTA, whether you can commit time on a regular basis, can help on an ad hoc basis, or can contribute virtually.

Key information

  • The PTA is not a charity, therefore it is not eligible to claim gift aid
  • However, because it isn’t a charity, there are no restrictions on what the money raised is spent on – can be social or educational


  • Raised £11,500 for a new climbing frame
  • Organises uniform orders to take advantage of bulk ordering prices
  • Two children’s discos a year (November and June)
  • Annual Ladies Sparkle Night – both a social and fundraising event
  • Movie night/s for children, siblings and parents/carers
  • Refreshments for parent/carer gatherings
  • P7 end of year parties
  • Contributes to Christmas pantomime
  • Organises and pays for Low Port procession in Linlithgow Gala Day
  • Contributions to book week
  • Provided school banner
  • Contributed to school flag and flagpole
  • Paid for new Active Literacy resources


If you are interested in finding out more, please contact us on