P7 blog 9/2/17

Academy trip – On Wednesday P7 went on a trip to the academy for a tour and more information about the classes. The funniest teacher we met was probably Mr. Scott the art teacher because he gave us a big fright when we walked into the room. We were split into groups and mixed in with Bridgend primary and Linlithgow Bridge primary to help us make friends with other people who will be in academy with us. It was so fun and we are looking forward to our next trip.
Origami Nessies – On Tuesday we were constructing our own origami Nessies. We were using our skills from the last origami we made. We used 3 pieces of paper, 2 big and 1 small. The 2 big pieces were for the head and the body and the small piece was the tail. We all enjoyed it but found it challenging. We would definitely do it again.
Potato Project – Throughout the week we have been involved in the potato project for our STEM IDL. Last Friday we put rocket potatoes inside of egg boxes and waited for them to chit. So far it has been a fun experiment and we will learn a lot from it.
By Becca, Jess, and Robbie