P7 blog 6/10/17

This week we did lots of active maths including guessing and checking and addition and subtraction. We worked hard in pairs each day solving puzzles and problems galore. Some of us enjoyed it whereas others preferred textbook maths. Also we wrote our entries for the rotary writing competitions. The theme this year was ‘Making a difference’. Some of us went with the imaginative perspective on the subject whilst others went with poems or even a personal essay. Rory described the task as challenging whereas Freya and Alyssa found it hard to begin with but it became easier as they went on. In pe we have doing badminton and doing games and rallies. For badminton you need to be agile and be quick at reacting and batting the shuttlecock. With Mrs Johnston we tried to partake in the BBC terrific scientific but we found the test we had to do before hand and afterwards infuriating. We did the bleep test which overall we found exhausting but good exercise.
This week we had loads of sporting achievements. Georgia and Freya got 3rd and 2nd medals with the school ski team and Ted came an amazing top 15 in the west Lothian championships of cross country. To celebrate black history month we watched a video called ‘that’s so raven’ about a girl who tries to get a job but fails as the manager doesn’t hire black people. Her and her friends went undercover and eventually succeeded by firing the manager. We discussed famous black people who stood up for theirs and others rights.
We hope you enjoyed our blog
From Rory, Freya and Alyssa