P7 blog 5/12/17

Hello and welcome to this week’s P7 blog.
In maths we have been focusing on co-ordinates. Some of us have been finding it difficult and some harder than others. We have been plotting points and reflecting co-ordinates over the Y and X axis. We did some Scottish country dancing with our buddies. Earlier in the week we were also dancing with the P6’s. The skills we were developing were rhythm and pacing. In p4c we had a heated debate about nuclear weapons and lots of people had some strong ideas and shared them vigorously. We were learning about the importance of the UK’s Trident nuclear defence system. We also learned about the five giants after World War 2 and we made election posters and videos. We used teamwork to work well together. Some of us made fake moustaches to be more realistic. We also found out who the judges are for the schools talent show. Congratulations Ted, Alasdair, Leah and Kate! We wrote poems after learning about the poem In Flanders Field – the poems were very emotional and had powerful messages.
By Patrick, Blair and Ted