P7 blog 3/2/17

This week P7 had a visit from a Lego Workshop who taught us about forces. We did his by creating theme park rides and testing them out. The forces that we were looking at were gravity, friction and the centripetal force. We learned that many forces were involved in this creative activity.
In Writing, we did a 500 Words assessment. The competition was challenging but fun! We used our creativity, imagery skills and vocabulary skills. It was tricky and some pupils did not finish. We learned how to write under pressure and time management.
In maths we were improving on our adding mixed fractions and multiplying, dividing, subtraction and addition of decimals! We improved our mental maths etc. We could also improve on our noise level when working individually.
We also had the pleasure of attending Ronnie’s memorial. We improved on our respectfulness as well as our photo faces! The councillors also took photographs of us to go in the newspaper!
By Anna S, Emma and Matthew!