P7 blog 29/9/17

Our assembly went superbly, despite Ryan’s sword breaking during his battle with Freya.  We all enjoyed our assembly and we hope the parents and pupils did too.  It was fun dressing up and using our own work to produce the dramas and writing – it took a lot of effort!  We found it interesting learning about Shakespeare and about his play Macbeth.  It was fun making potions with our buddies but it did get a bit messy!

As part of a science experiment we practised the Bleep test – it was great fun but extremely tiring.  Badminton continues to be fun but is getting very competitive and we have arguments over rules and cheating at times!

Everyone did well in their writing assessments and will now have an idea of what to do to improve their writing.

Maths and mental maths are often timetabled together but we don’t like this – Mrs Johnston is going to try and split them up so we do mental maths before break and normal Maths after break.  After a week of ‘textbook’ maths we’re ready for some active maths next week.