P7 blog 24/3/17

Finally we have finished CEM so that means we can collaborate during certain subjects (for example mental maths, reading and a few more). It can get so infuriating when everybody starts talking while you’re trying to concentrate so we’ve talked a lot about respecting each other and the importance of being quiet at certain times.
This week in maths we have been doing angles for spicy and for mild we have been identifying triangles and learning parts of a circle.
Transition visit
On Wednesday some teachers and pupils from the academy to talk to us about going up to the academy! It was nice to hear a bit more about the academy and about the houses.
We have an assembly coming up in the near future and we have decided that we should base it on the Oscars. So that means we all have to make movies and trailers. Right now we are making an iMovie trailer about the school – the best school advertisement will go on yammer!!
Done by
Gordon, Oscar and Leah