P7 blog 15/12/17

Thank you to everyone who came along to support our Enterprise night – we all really enjoyed selling our products and raising money for the school in the process. We nearly sold out! Patrick and Freya also did really well at their charity stall – William Barr won the Sloth competition – his name was Sidney – well done William.

We are still working hard in P7 doing some co-ordinates and shape revision in Maths, learning about the different nativity stories – did you know there are 2 different accounts of the nativity in the bible? We went to the Rigg/Secret Garden with our buddies where we did a scavenger hunt, a senses walk and some hide and seek – it was great getting back into the Rigg after so long! We also helped our buddies make reindeers pictures with their hands and feet – a little bit stinky and messy but good fun!

We are now practising hard for our carol concert at the Care home on Tuesday – Miss Barnes is leading this and a lot of us have duets/trios/solos to perform – surprisingly she keeps telling us to sing up! We’ve never had a problem with our volume before!

We also have the talent show auditions next week and the final on the last day so we will be looking forward to seeing what talent Low Port has to offer.

Our party is on Monday afternoon with P6 and we have another buddy time on Wednesday where we will be creating puppets and using storylines from storybooks so we can entertain our buddies. We also hope to learn more about food chains and do a team survival challenge.

Primary 7 and Mrs Johnston