P7 blog 12/5/17

Sports Day
Today we had the all-important sports day. P7’s came into school early to help Mrs Clapton setup at the peel. After that we split into our house groups and collected the P1’s – P6’s. Next we went into the hall and did a head check to make sure everyone was here. Next we set off to go to the peel where the P7’s, Mrs Clapton and the S3 sports leaders had setup earlier. Then we took our groups to the correct stations. The activities were – Beat the goalie, Egg and spoon, Netball shooting, Space hoppers, Hurdles, Javelin, Sports quiz, Hockey, Football dribble, Double hoop, Beanbag throwing and Obstacle course. All of these activities were fun and some were different to what we had in previous years. We kept a record of the scores so that we could find out the winning house at the end. The houses are Beecraigs, Cockelroi, Ochiltree and Cairnpapple. Next we went on to the class races, P1 went first then P2, P3, P4, P5 and P6 but P7 did a silly race and there was a mum’s race, a dad’s race and a teacher race. Shortly after that the scores were announced.
The order was –
4th – Beecraigs
3rd – Ochiltree
2nd – Cockelroi
1st – Cairnpapple