P6 blog 3/2/17

Primary 6 this week has been very busy.
We have had a special visitor from the fire department which said what to do when there’s a fire and he told us a story about a hoax call and why we should not do it. Part of our homework next week will be to discuss exactly what to do if our smoke alarms go off at home and where we should go.
In PE we have been doing basketball. We were playing some games. We were learning to pass accurately so had to use skills such as eye contact, communication, team work and cooperation. We are all enjoying basketball and the best part is when we get to play games.
In writing, we have been using our imagination and creativity. We had to write a story about what happens to a herd of Elephants during a flood. Some of us wrote about them joining the circus, how they hide in caves and find ghosts and also the herd reaching the Pyramids in Egypt.
In maths we have been using the ‘smile’ method to help us solve division sums. We also learned a new method – we have decided to call it the ‘choppy’ method. It’s quite hard to remember each step and some of us prefer to use the smile method. Both are good at getting us to use our mental strategies.
In our grammar lesson, we were trying to come up with different ways of remembering which ‘there’ to use. We think we now have a better understanding of this and are trying to remember which one to use in all of our writing tasks.
In IDL, we were learning about democracy. We had to carry out an activity in different groups with different leadership styles to see which one works best. We have also begun to write our manifestos and are preparing our speeches for assembly tomorrow.
Next week – remember to come along for the Robinwood information evening on Tuesday 7th February at 6pm. P6 children are welcome to come along too and ask any questions they have!
Also – The newsletter states that P6 Bike checks will be Mon 27th February. However, this is a mistake and they will be carried out on Monday 27th March.