P6 blog 24/3/17

Hello, this week in art with Mrs Dickson we created landscapes inspired by French artist Vincent Van Gogh. Some people used their imagination whilst others went basic. Thanks Mrs Dickson! In our other art this week we created the water lily by Monet. Everyone’s was Fab and they are now going to go up on the wall outside the classroom.
In PE with Mrs Clapton we made up routines on the mats. It was good fun and the routines were great as well. The skills we developed during PE were balancing and co-ordination. It is good to have Mrs Clapton back!
In maths we have been doing shape work. It has been challenging for some people and easier for others. We have also been using I Zak 9 which is a big cube with problems on it which are tough. When we do I Zak 9 we need to work in groups to complete challenges which involve problem solving and we need to work together in order to complete them. The skills we developed were teamwork and problem solving.
This week we watched the dress rehearsal of the P2/3 school show. It was based on the loch ness monster Nessie and Drumnadrochit. It was fabulous and they should be proud of themselves.
Next week is the last week of school before the Easter holidays. Hope you have a great Easter this year! See you next time on P6 class blog!