P6 blog 22/6/17

Hello and welcome to the p6 blog,

This week in maths we have been working on coordinates and compass points. We played a game of battleships and did drawings with coordinates. Linked to our topic fairgrounds we made a map of the park using scale and map skills. For compass points we went outside and wrote places that are either of the points.

In Spanish we learned numbers up to 20, common phrases and colours. We watched a video about colours and numbers and acted it in groups 4.

In art we drew a picture using words. For example, if you are drawing a cloud you write it with the word cloud. We had to draw a person, animal, tree, cloud and sun.

In PE we played a game of rounders in our previous teams we all enjoyed it very much. We played capture the flag with new rules.

In writing we were creating and describing a new room for Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory and then drew a picture to go along with it. We all really enjoyed it.

We also got our reports this week and went through them with Miss Smith and also the smoke free homes and zones certificate got handed out.

Most of us have handed in our reading books ready for no more homework in P6

From P6 class