P6 blog 21/4/17

In maths we have been doing fractions. We have been simplifying them and looking at fractions that were equivalent. We were using Cuisenaire rods to help us visualise the fractions and order them. We also used long bits of paper to demonstrate a long jump and found, compared and accurately worked out different fractions of the whole distance. We also did some mental maths questions which were quite good for improving our speed of calculations. Some were quite challenging but we all did well.
PE with Mrs Clapton was fun because we did lots of relay races and played lots of games. We are training for our upcoming X Country Festival so are excited about how this will help us be faster and have enough stamina to complete the route. Next week, we will be training on the Peel – trainers brought in from home may be a good idea as boots/shoes/indoor shoes are not always the best for running.
During French we were learning how to say the names of different animals in French. To do this, we had a quiz to see if we remembered how to say it in French. We watched a video and also listened to a song.
Our assembly preparations are well underway! We have been thinking about its structure and working out how we can make it very exciting. As part of our assembly practice we have been refining our Hakas. We all had to put our ideas together to make it a very good Haka. We had to think about our facial expressions and make sure we sounded intimidating for the other teams – we are very excited for you to see them next week.
In writing, we were creating stories for the Young Writers Competition. We had to ensure we were using high level VCOP and create an exciting and unique story. They were all great and Miss Smith had a tricky job choosing 3 to go forward for the competition. Well done everyone!