P6 blog 17/2/17

This week has been very busy,
Our topic is the Scottish parliament. On Thursday we held an election on what we should change in the school. The parties were, The Ninja Sporty Squirrels, Crazy Clubs, Golden Sports & The Arty Sporty Dancing Peanuts! Every class had a time slot to vote and choose which party would bring the most change. Our Fantastic Presiding Officer was… Kate.
In P.E. we were doing basketball games. It was our last P.E. session with Mrs Cameron (Mrs Walls will be coming back from her maternity leave.)
Writing this week has been fun whilst challenging. We have improved our letter writing & VCOP (vocabulary, connectives, openers and punctuation.) we have also had a ‘word jail’ which we use if we have already used a word. The words that are in jail right now are amazing and “and then” (and then is joined together)
For languages we learned some Spanish and French. In Spanish we learned how to say Hello “Hola!” and can I go to the toilet is, “puedo ir al baño por favour” in French we were doing some revision. Head in French is, “tête” shoulders is, “épaules” knees is, “les genoux” toes is, “les orteils”