P6 blog 16/2/18

Hello and welcome to our class blog 15.2.18

We have been so busy doing school show so we haven’t had much time to post a blog.

School show is going very well and we know most of our lines for it now. Our school show is called Let Loose. It is about school children going on camp. The stage is now up and it is so exciting. (tickets are on sale now via ipayimpact)

In P.E, we have been trying out new dodgeball games and most of us liked Jedi dodgeball. The way to play is to get 4 hoops and place 2 on each side if you are standing in a hoop you are safe, if you get hit and you’re not in a hoop you are put straight out the game.

In numeracy, we have all been doing range, mode, median and mean. Most of us say that the mean is the hardest to do because you have to add all the numbers then divide by the number of values to get the answer.

We have been doing imaginative writing this week. We started by looking at a picture of a forest and went on from there.

By Stuart and Tara