P6 blog 12/5/17

In primary 6 this week we have been sporting athletes! Our cross country festival took place on Wednesday and we were outstanding! Unfortunately we did not get anyone in first place however we have all improved so much over the last few weeks. Running up and down the hills at the peel is hard work. Thank you to everyone who came along to cheer us on – we were definitely the loudest school there.
To continue with the sporty theme, we all loved our time on the Peel for Sports Day. We enjoyed supporting the younger ones, using lots of skills at our 12 activities and had so much fun. The races were super and we all tried our best.
In maths, we have been working on finding fractions of amounts. We were using concrete materials in the form of counters to consolidate our understanding and prove our answers. Some of us have also been doing addition and subtraction of fractions. We had to consider equivalence and we have all been using our knowledge of multiplication and division.
We were able to be imaginative and create stories in writing. We used this time to show off to Miss Smith all our learning from this year by producing excellent stories. We had to imagine we were traveling on the back of an animal. We got our inspiration from a short clip called Adrift.
In French, we were consolidating our knowledge of weather. We have all been asking and responding to Quel temps fait-il? We have all improved and had fun playing games to show off our learning.
On Monday, we will be working with Mr McRae as Miss Smith and Mrs Livingston will be away with the Euroquiz finalists to the Scottish Parliament. We hope they do amazingly well – they have been doing lots of revision and have worked hard. Good Luck! We will have a few visitors from West Lothian Drug and Alcohol Services in with us next week to do some tobacco education and will also be doing Bikeability on Monday – remember your helmets!!