P6 blog 12/10/17

Hello and welcome to our last blog for term 1.
Firstly, we will talk about chum time!
In chum time we made paper trees by watching a video to see what to do. Then we drew a diagonal line then cut strips to the line and rolled it and glued it. After that we folded the strips to look like braches and cut out paper leaves and stuck them on. We all loved it and so did our chums!
On Tuesday we did writing. Miss Tully told us to write about a bird. We started with a story starter then imagined what its dream was. Some of us did crazy dreams in our writing. We tried to complete our literacy targets that we had set as our individual success criteria.
Now we will talk about maths. In maths we worked in mixed ability pairs and worked out some addition sums on the board and shared our strategies. It was really fun!
See you next term!
Katie and Ryan Su