P5H blog 2/2/18

Hello Everyone,
Welcome to P5H’s Weekly Reflections
This week we had a “Literacy Across Learning” open afternoon, parents came in to see what we were doing in school. We were using our listening, reading and notetaking skills to find out about the first emperor of China, the Great Wall of China and the Terracotta Warriors. We had to recall our learning through a fun interactive quiz. Mrs Henderson, when she was in China bought some sheets of fabric that Chinese children use to learn to write. You used a paintbrush, dipped in water, and when you wrote on the fabric it came out black! We watched a video showing us the numbers in Chinese and Mrs Fan, our new Hanban teacher, showed us how to write them, we all had a great time!
We have really been enjoying our tag rugby lesson in the rugby club. We have enjoyed playing the games and learning how to throw and catch a rugby ball and how to work together as a team.
In maths we have been discussing different subtraction strategies. We have been sharing our ideas and trying to use these different strategies to answer subtraction problems. We have talked about all the different words that tell you that you need to subtract to solve the problem, words like take away, minus, how many more and difference between. In literacy we have been learning about different kinds of nouns, common, proper, abstract and concrete, we all feel a little bit more confident about naming different nouns now.
We are also doing a school show called “Let Loose” which is about a school trip to a campsite. We are all enjoying practising our lines. Our costume list has also gone out and we are really excited and nervous about doing the school. We hope that you enjoy it. We are creating the raft scene and have used cardboard boxes to try and make the rafts, we now have to try and work out how to hold the raft together and make it look like wood!
We have our last rugby session next week and Safe Internet day and of course more show practise. We all have to try really hard now to learn our lines.
We hope you have a good week.
Primary P5H and Mrs Henderson
Next Week
Tuesday- Last Rugby session
Wednesday- Safe Internet Day
Friday- VLG
Holiday weekend all return Wednesday 14th February