P5H blog 17/11/17

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to P5H’s Weekly Reflections

In Health and Well Being we have been learning about how to become more independent and take responsibility for ourselves. We discussed the things we do at home that help us to learn about the skills we need to look after ourselves when we grow up. We have also been doing Scottish dancing. We have been doing real Scottish country dancing with Mr Carswell and in PE with Mrs Henderson we made up our own Scottish dances with partners. We then merged groups, and did it in groups of three or four!  We have found out that you need lots of energy to do dancing and it is more tiring than it looks.

In Inter disciplinary learning we were making Christmas cards for our International link with other countries and for our pen-pals. We have made lots of cards. We have also been addressing envelopes to Spain, Malta, Portugal, France and many more other European countries. We made Christmas tree shapes and put glitter and decorations on them. We have started to receive cards from other countries but we are not allowed to open them until nearer Christmas.

We have also been learning about saints in RME. We were learning about patron saints, especially St David the patron saint of Wales. We learned about how some people in Wales celebrated this with special dancing and Welsh cakes. Their national emblems are a dragon and a leek, they also use daffodils.

In literacy we wrote squirrel poems, first we found out about the red squirrel and wrote a fact file, and then we read a poem about them and thought of words that described how squirrels moved and what they looked like. We used thesauruses to find interesting words. Mrs Henderson has picked some of them to go on our wall.

We hope you have a good week.


Billy, Grace GM, Lewis and Rosie B


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Thursday-Dancing –Mr Carswell