P5 blog 9/6/17

Drama: We split into six groups and acted out different scenes in the book Spellchaser’s. It was really hard to think of how to act it out. The class enjoyed it.

Writing: In writing we wrote a message in a bottle. We had to write to our family like it was our last words.  We were writing from an island and needed someone to save us. We all found it fun.

Book Festival: We went to the rugby club to see Kate Leiper. She told us how she became an illustrator and how her life was back then. It was really fun meeting her. Thanks Kate Leiper!

Maths: In maths we did 24hr time. We wrote in our books the answers to the questions. There were questions about before and after the time that was in the text book.

PE: In PE we played Danish long ball it was really good fun. We all ran into the middle to get the ball and it was funny because we all were running quite weird but majority of the class liked it.

Election: We all went in our groups from drama and got a sticky note. All got a different party and one group got to make up a party. Then we did some research about the party and created and shared a PowerPoint with P3 and P5. We then voted! The made up party won.


Katie, Orla and Sam