P5 blog 9/2/17

Hello this week in P5 we have been having fun learning about netball and learning the positions we split into teams of 7. We noticed that there was a disadvantage because one of the basketball hoops was higher than the other. We played mini matches and the length was round about 5 mins we all had great fun!!!
On Monday Music Programming came in and continued on with our songs many people have finished their drums and bases. Next week we will be putting in the vocals using our own voices and adding more instruments to our awesome songs.
We all made amazing art work of Steven Browns Highland Cows. We were all were amazed at our colourful highland cows. We are putting our brilliant pictures in the hall and we all think they are beautiful.
The P6’s held a school election. We had to vote for our favourite campaign. There were 5 campaigns, Arty Sporty, Dancing Peanuts, Ninja Squirrels, Clubbing Golden Chimpanzees, Crazy Clubs and Golden Sports. We learned how to secretly write and put your vote into the ballot box.
We have been busy writing poems and stories about the canal for a competition. The competition was called The Round Table Marches Magazine competition. We have been working hard on the poems but we are finding it tricky to find words that rhyme.
In maths we have been working on data handling we split the class into groups and worked on a presentation to do with various types of graph. We made a survey for the class and we chose our subject e.g.: cars, food and apps.
For literacy circles we got an interesting discussion about reading homework. And shared our jobs with our reading groups. Thank you for reading our long class blog.

Ryan St and Matthew

A very thorough blog this week. I don’t have much to add other than to wish you all a lovely holiday weekend.

• Class Assembly 24th March
• PE Kits home to be washed.
• Please ensure literacy circle homework is completed every week to make sure our circles run smoothly.