P5 blog 9/12/16

Country Dancing
During the week we did country Dancing with P6 and P3. We’re sure that everyone enjoyed it! At the end of one we got to do freestyle and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. We were all very sweaty at the end and we had a dance off against the P3s. Of course, the P3’s won but I’m still sure we were better than them!

St Michaels Church Visit
We went to St Michaels instead of a movie that the school watched together. I think we all liked St Michael’s way way way better! We made tile decorations which we can take home. They look amazing!

Izak 9 (The awesome maths resource.)
We played with the izak cubes and we got lots of complex problems to work out. They were hard but in the end we managed to work it out!

Spanish Bingo In Spanish we were doing bingo also known as el bingo in Spanish. We had a few winners and they got to call the numbers. We have been learning the numbers up to 20 and we have all done very well and we can all count up to 20 in Spanish.
It has been a very busy week in P5. We have been learning how to structure a newspaper report, more on subtraction, all about The Battle of Bannockburn, Country dancing, Christmas at St Michaels, making chalk and charcoal snowman, exploring more activities with IZAK incorporating our Spanish learning and consolidating our learning of Spanish numbers by playing bingo. Next week we begin our music software programme which will be on Monday afternoons and stretch until Monday the 6th of March. Sadly it was our last week of Music with Mrs Dickson and we will miss her smiley face around school.

Things to remember:
• Christmas Service and Nativity- Wednesday 14th.
• P3 & P5 Christmas- Tuesday 20th.