P5 blog 25/11/16

Welcome to the class blog for the twenty fourth of November 2016. On the maths open day we learned how to use the Izak 9 cubes, some of our parents came to see us master this task and helped us learn how to work with them! We also went on the computers and then we played pearl diver which is a maths integers game. In writing we did some imaginative stories which were based on a creature. We made these stories by looking at pictures. The stories were called The Creature in the Mist. We also did something called Rookie Rockstars and our parents came out to do a wrap battle and some grannys and grandads came out too. In R.M.E we previously watched a Hindu story called Rama and Sita and this week we did a drama play acting out the story.
By Alice, Katie, Finlay and Kyran.

Next week we will be moving on to subtraction and a new bank of activities will be loaded onto study ladder to support this next week. During our topic on The Wars of Independence the class have been learning about the time line and the uniforms worn by soldiers on both sides of the border. Next week we will look in more detail at what the war was about. Thank you to those who were able to come to our open afternoon. The children were extremely excited about our introduction to Izak and we will be continuing to use this resource throughout the year to support our learning. Thanks also to those who made it along to our Rookie Rockstars concerts. The children loved learning more about anti bullying in such a positive and upbeat way.

Enjoy the last weekend in November!