P5 blog 2/12/2016

Hello and welcome to our first P5 blog in the Christmas season!

We have been doing lots of things this week for example, we have been researching the Scottish wars of Independence. We all found it very interesting and some people found it a bit gruesome.
In literacy we have been learning how to write in the style of the author. We all had to write imaginatively so we all found it challenging and we had to be very creative!
In Scottish country dancing we had our usual teacher Mr Carswell. We were lucky enough to learn a new dance called the Pudsey bear! We had four couples to demonstrate the dance then we all had a try at it. We all found it so fun to dance with each other!
In maths we did the IZAK 9 cubes with Mrs Johnston. We put all of the numbers in alphabetical order when the numbers were in French! The groups were all mixed so it was equal. Some groups found it slightly easier than other groups. It was fun experimenting with the IZAK 9 cubes!
Now we have come to the end of our blog. We all hope that you are enjoying this Christmas season!

We are now working on subtraction and a new bank of activities have been loaded onto study ladder and can be used to support the class learning. There is no requirement to complete all of these. In topic we have learned lots more about the timeline and events affecting the Wars of Independence. Next week we have been invited to St Michael’s Church for an event titled Christmas Unwrapped. There will be a presentation and the chance to unpack the events of the first Christmas. It will be interactive and will include a variety of activities – drama, craft, quizzes, music, storytelling and acting out some events. The class did an excellent job of teaching the P3’s the Scottish Dances we have been learning and we learned the Dashing White Sergeant together. They did exceptionally well.

Have a lovely weekend!