P5 blog 20/6/17

Hello and welcome to the P5 blog

Meet the teacher hour:  we went in to our new classroom, sat in the seats and waited for our new teacher to arrive.  A couple of seconds later our new teacher came in, it was Miss Tully and everyone started cheering because we were so happy.  After everyone had stopped cheering we played two truths and a lie then we each got a paper jigsaw piece and we were told to write down on it all about us.

This week we also did short talks on our non- fiction books in small groups. We returned our library books.  We finished time and completed a fidget spinner maths investigation that solved a crime. We wrote letters to our new teacher and did our ‘All About Me’.  We talked more about how Bridges are constructed and made our own using spaghetti and marshmallows. It was very tricky.


Holly and Carolyn