P5 blog 18/11/16

Rookie Rockstars
In Rookie Rock stars we have been making lots of tunes; I am so glad, Bullies ain’t big, Lets all be friends, HEY HEY ( I’m ok) and never give up. The first day we did challenge time and Mrs Livingston had to play chubby bunny, it was so funny!!! On the second day it was teachers against pupils and we had to rap Mr McRae did an awesome rap he had to rap Baa Baa Blacksheep, have you any wool. On the 3 day we had interviews and Ronin was the person from our class that was interviewed. Callum thought that the songs were good but he didn’t get how it would get them to stop bulling.

We wrote about a cable car stopped in the middle of the ride and we carried on writing from the authors writing. We all made fantastic stories. With Mrs Livingston we learnt some new songs we think that the p1s nativity will be brilliant. Our new novel is called the boy called Christmas so far the boy’s father Jo got a job working for the king. His dads job was going to find out if there was magical elves in the mountains it was a dangerous journey and Christmas wants to go with him but his dad doesn’t let him go and leaves Christmas with his old aunt who hates children she thinks they are revolting.
In RME we have been learning about the Hindu religion. We learned about the festival of light when Hindu’s all join together. It’s about the story of Rama and Sita where the step mother of Rama wants her own son to be king. So she tricks Rama and Sita to go to the deep dark forest. They build a civilization and build their own house. Ravana the three headed demon wanted Sita for himself. One day Rama went to find some food and left Sita. Ravana steals Sita. In the end Sita is rescued and they return to defy the Queen so Rama can take his place as King. This is why Hindus put lights in their house to show the celebration of the couple being welcomed home.
Thank you for reading this I hoped you enjoyed it!
By Isla, Holly, Ronin, Finlay and Matthew

We will also be be finishing and assessing our focus on addition in Maths. We will continue with literacy circles and next week we will do this a group at a time throughout the day supported by myself and Mrs Morrice. The class will be beginning to learn about the Scottish Wars of Independence. This week in P6 asked to join us to continue country dancing so our line dance has been postponed for now… In RE we recounted the story of Rama and Sita with our own dramatic interpretations. In Spanish we will be learning the numbers 1-20 and be playing Spanish Bingo!

Have a lovely weekend when it comes!

Dates to remember:
18th November- Children in Need dress down
22nd November – Curriculum afternoon 2:15-3pm
22nd/23rd November- Rookie Rockstars