P5 blog 13/01/2017

We have been doing music programming with Bob and Maria, the music teachers. They have given us a choice about what song we are going to try and create a cover, for example Ronin’s group did “I can’t feel my face when I’m with you.”
We were making fables and we all thought it was very fun. A few of us acted out the stories and explained the moral we had selected. For example, Ryan S moral was: never give up on something you really want.
We did Romero Britto pop art. Nathan said, “It was hard but I liked it.” All our brilliant pictures are on the wall outside our classroom.
On Wednesday we were using the Izak cubes Lewis said, “It was fun and I enjoyed making a magic square.”
By Lewis, Nathan and Callum

We are now settling into term 3 well. We have been learning all about Fables, the morals behind them and we enjoyed writing ours own. The class did very well. We have been learning about the properties of 3D shapes. There are activities on Studyladder to support this. We will be working on Netball skills in the next month and will be having a session on Monday run by the active Schools co-ordinator. Our class trip is on Tuesday. Thanks you to those who are joining us. It would not be possible without you. Remember packed lunches will be required on Tuesday.

Have a lovely weekend when it comes.
Mrs Paton