P5 blog 12/5/17

P5 have now finished fractions and are going on to percentages and decimals. We did a topic assessment and everyone tried their very best. In PE with Mrs Clapton (which is Miss Walls new name) we were throwing into hoops, this was also linked to golf. On Wednesday we went on a trip to the canal to learn about water safety. We personally found it very interesting. Thursday was very enjoyable for many people in primary 5 because it was sports day! In the girls race Katie came first Millie came second and Nuala third. In the boys race Matthew came first Gregor came second and Ryan St third. We built bridges in the Rigg using wool and sticks. We had to build it to a certain length and make sure it could support the weight of a large stone.We all came up with very different ways to do this. We learned about Jewish Passover and their Sedar traditions. We got to listen to our Music Programming tracks. You can listen to them too by following this link.




Nuala and Alice