P5 blog 11/11/16

Hello and welcome to our P5 blog!!! 10.11.16
In maths we have been doing addition strategies. Some people have been going with Mrs Hodge. We have been doing Problem Solving and it is fun.
We have been doing Scottish Country Dancing with Mr Carswell. We have been doing it with the P6’s. The one thing that we did not enjoy was the boys had to dance with the girls.
Class Talks
We have been doing our class talks on role models they have been very interesting most people have done it on a power point but some people did it on paper.
With Mrs Dickson we used the instruments to make a song we tried them all we used Jembes (drums) casheshes (shakers)
We started literacy circles the books we have are The Hobbit, Suitcase Kid, Platform 13, Clovenstone Castle, Jasper and the Green Marvel.
That’s all folks!!!!!
By Stuart, Gregor and Suzie

Next week we will be working in the morning each day to transform ourselves into Rookie Rockstars. We will also be moving forward with addition in Maths, continuing with literacy circles and the class will be beginning to learn about the Scottish Wars of Independence. This week in PE we had great fun learning Scottish Country dances and next week we have a week off and will be learning a class line dance. In RE we will be recounting the story of Rama and Sita. Thank you for all the efforts with class talks. They have been very thoughtful and well prepared.

Have a lovely weekend when it comes!

Dates to remember:
18th November- Children in Need dress down
22nd November – Curriculum afternoon 2:15-3pm
22nd/23rd November- Rookie Rockstars