P4T blog 9/2/17

Hello from Primary 4T!
Henry told us that in numeracy, his class were learning about capacity. They were measuring litres and millilitres. Callum went on to tell us that the class measured capacity with jugs and water. The class watched videos about capacity as well. In Miss Tully’s class, Elodie and Zoe told us that we were learning about the inverse relationship between addition and subtraction. Zoe went on to explain that we finished our subtraction topic this week and revised everything we had learned. We are looking forward to starting our time topic.
Jozh explained that in RME this week, we researched how Eid-al-Fitr is celebrated. We learned that people celebrate by giving cards and presents, eating special food, wearing new clothes and visiting the Mosque. Women and children have their feet and hands painted using Mehndi paste. Jozh enjoyed creating his own Mehndi design.
Lexi told us that in problem solving this week, the class had a number of different problems to solve. Lexi solved a problem with Flora which involved trying to work out how much each symbol in a diagram was worth. Once the girls had done this, they were able to fill in the boxes around the diagram by adding up all the symbols in each row and column.
Alastair told us that the class were exploring the story of Matilda through role play. The class worked in groups of three to recreate the scene when Miss Honey goes to the Wormwood’s house. The meeting had to include detail about Matilda at school and how amazing Miss Honey thinks she is. In reading, we also looked at Matilda. Flora explained that we made wanted posters for a character in the book. The class spend some time discussing the characters and what their crime could possibly be! This was a lot of fun! We had to make these posters look old!
In PE, Alex told us that the class were playing fun ball games with Mrs Cameron. This was our last lesson with Mrs Cameron and we are very sad about this. We would like to thank her for all the fun games she has taught us. In our other PE lesson, Amelie told us that we were learning to keep control of our football. We went into groups and practiced dribbling with the football and cones.