P4T blog 9/12/16

In writing, we received a letter from Santa asking us to write him a reply. We had very special visitors in writing this week, the VCOP team! Sergeant sabotage has been trying to destroy our writing! He has been trying to take out all the exciting words and all punctuation. Luckily, Violet Vocabulary and Doctor Punctuation were on hand to help P4T. In IDL, we looked at the timeline of the Ancient Greece and began to look at Greek pots. We sadly said goodbye to Mrs Curle who has been coming in every Thursday to do singing with us. We continued using chalk and charcoal in Art this week. We created lovely artwork of snowmen with the caption ‘Let it Snow’. In numeracy, Miss Tully and her class continued learning about money. In particular, we focused on counting change from our ice cream shop. Our little elf Alfie has been very naughty this week in our classroom! He made a huge glitter mess all over the floor. He also brought a Christmas tree in with baubles so we could write our names on them.
From P4T and Alfie the elf.