P4T blog 3/2/17

Hello from Primary 4T!
It has been WOW week so we have been very busy filling in our jotters with exciting work! We have included some photographs in these jotters for the lessons where we have been engaging in active learning! This included our listening and talking lesson. We had to act out a scene of great listening skills being displayed and a scene where poor listening skills were being displayed!
Ryley and Isla went along to a Remembrance Ceremony for Ronnie to mark his plaque at the Rose Garden. They said that the Primary 7s had some special speeches to say for Ronnie. His family and local councillors came along as well. They had their photo taken and they were very happy that the weather was dry!
Ruben and Flora told Miss Tully what the class were doing with Mrs Cameron in PE. Ruben told us that the class played a lot of mini games of football. The children had to pass three times before they could score! Flora told us about a fun game that the class played with a soft football. The children had to throw the football up in the air then shout a name for the child to catch it!
Fraser and Elodie explained what we had done in drama this week. They really enjoyed using the drama technique ‘freeze frame’ to create a still photograph of a scene from the book Matilda. Elodie enjoyed doing the freeze frame because she found it tricky to stay still!
Finlay and Zoe enjoyed looking at the work of artist Georgia O’Keefe. We went into pairs to recreate the giant flowers from some of her work. We plan to finish these off next week using water colours and pastels. Jozhie said he found this very interesting.
Sophie and Evie discussed what we have been learning in numeracy this week with Miss Tully. We focused on introducing the written method of subtracting a 2 digit or 3 digit numbers. The class enjoyed playing ICT games on the laptops to revise what we have been learning.
Alastair enjoyed learning about more about Ramadan and the festival of Eid al-Fitr. Shaymaa very kindly brought in her prayer mats to show to the class. We decorated our own prayer mats and glued them into our WOW jotters.
Well done to all the children in Primary 4T for their assembly performance last Friday. Miss Tully was very proud of the class and their singing skills! We are in the middle of doing our Chinese New Year Wall display.