P4T blog 27/1/17

This week we have been very busy working hard on our assembly which we will present to the school tomorrow! We are excited to announce it will be on Chinese New Year! We have developed a lot of skills this week through researching Chinese New Year and our assembly practice. Firstly, we have become aware of others’ needs by taking turns in the assembly. We have listened to others and encouraged our peers when they needed support. Our assembly covers literacy skills as the children have contributed to discussions and explained their thinking. We have also practiced our reading and writing. There has been IDL links in this topic which have encouraged the children to contribute their ideas after researching Chinese New Year using ICT. Our assembly practice has covered health and wellbeing as the children have challenged themselves and developed motivation to do their best. In art, we made our own Chinese dragons and had a go at writing our name using Chinese symbols. In PE, we welcomed Mr Stewart who carried out a fun gymnastics lesson using all the equipment in the gym hall. In numeracy, Miss Tully and her class were subtracting a teens number from a 2 digit number. We moved on to subtract a 2 digit number by bridging the multiples of 10.
Enjoy your weekend
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