P4T blog 22/6/17

Hello from P4T

Fearghas and Amelie enjoyed writing letters to their new Primary 5 teacher. We had to plan out our writing first to decide what information we should put in it. Amelie included information about herself such as her birthday and her hobbies. Jozh and Isla included what they would like to learn about in Primary 5. During this lesson, we recapped how to lay out a letter. Fearghas remembered that the address goes in the top right hand corner of the letter.

In numeracy this week, Finlay and Alex moved onto fractions. They started learning about the numerator and denominator in a fraction. The children got into pairs and revised basic fractions. In Miss Tully’s class, Sophie and Shaymaa told us that we spent some time revising dividing by 3 and 4. We used the cubes to represent the amount of items and then we split them into groups of 3 or 4 to see how many they get each. We have started to look at length and revised measuring in metres and centimetres.

In PE with Mrs Clapton, Ryley and Flora enjoyed playing Danish long ball. This is a mix of rounders, dodgeball and football. The class liked the game ‘rock, paper, scissors’ using their body.

Thank you for reading