P4T blog 2/12/2016


In writing, we used our imagination to continue a story that started with jingling bells. Some of the class thought it was Santa’s sleigh bells! In PE, we continued listening to a retelling of the traditional Russian story ‘The Firebird’ with dances to music. We have been practicing our spelling in class this week by using a menu of different activities. In numeracy, we continued looking at money and in particular counting coins. In art, we used chalk and charcoal to create lovely snowmen for our winter display.

We were very excited on Thursday afternoon as we received a letter from the North Pole! Santa told us that he has sent us a little elf to stay in our classroom until Christmas. On Friday morning, we will have a visit from Fearghas’ grandpa who came along to talk about waves and the power of the sea. Thank you very much for coming along.

Have a lovely weekend!

From P4T