P4T blog 20/1/17

We visited the local Library on Thursday morning to learn more information after the librarian came to our class in December. We learned lots of information from the librarian. For example, fiction books go in alphabetic order of the first letter of the author’s surname. We also learned who Melvile Dewey was. He created the Dewey Decimal Classification System for ordering books. In PE, we continued to practise throwing and catching with different sizes of balls. We played piggy in the middle in order to add in height to our chest pass and bounce pass. In literacy, we used our imagination to decide what the circle was and included this circle into our stories. In numeracy, we revised our subtraction facts to 20 and introduced subtracting a single digit. We have also been subtracting a multiple of ten from two digit numbers. Lastly, we have been practising subtracting 11 and 9 mentally from a two digit number. We have been working really hard on our Assembly topic which we are keeping a secret until next Friday!
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