P4T blog 19/5/17

Hello from Primary 4T!

This week we have decided what our class assembly topic will be. Our class assembly will take place on Friday 26th May. Parents are welcome to come along. Amelie is trying to keep our assembly top secret until next Friday so we can’t go into too much detail. We can tell you that there will be a drama piece in the assembly which is very exciting and funny! Ryley enjoyed researching our topic in groups using the laptops. Henry said that the class have been busy making a props list so that we can start to bring things into class. Henry also told us that we have been learning our lines in class this week.

Jozhie enjoyed PE with Mrs Clapton this week because the class played rounders outside. The children had a choice between a tennis racket and a baseball bat. Most people picked the tennis racket. Jozh picked the tennis racket because he is very good at tennis. Zoe enjoyed hitting the ball with the racket and throwing the ball. It was fun to catch the ball too. Evie thought that PE was very fun this week.

We continued our birth, care and growth topic. Callum enjoyed watching the videos of how babies grow and develop into grown-ups. We have a booklet to complete and Callum liked the activity where you had to draw yourself. The children had to put labels on the drawing to describe how they are growing.

In reading, Elodie enjoyed the comprehension activities. Elodie liked this because she knows if she comes across a word she isn’t sure of then she can use the strategies taught in class to help her. This includes reading the sentence before or after again.