P4T blog 13/01/2017

We hope that everyone had a lovely Christmas and New Year! We are very excited to be back at school. Last week, we filled in our term 3 targets for literacy, numeracy and health and wellbeing. This week in literacy, we completed an imaginative story about superheroes. In reading, we used our books to pick a character to create a wanted poster. It was fun to think of the crime and reward! In numeracy, we have been finishing off our addition topic. We have been practising adding a 2 digit number to another 2 digit number. The class used chimney sums and bridging as strategies to work out the answer. We also began to add several small numbers together. In French, the class revised colours. We played a game to find items in the class when Miss Tully said the colour in French. In drama, we worked in pairs to convince the audience why Matilda was such a wonderful child. In PE, we began to look at basic movements of throwing and catching (chest pass, bounce pass and chest bounce pass)
We are really looking forward to our library visit next Thursday.
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