P4H blog 3/2/17

Hello and welcome to P4H’s class update.
In Health and Well-Being we watched a Birth Care and Growth video about how baby animals were born .It showed us how the mothers prepared for giving birth. It was really interesting when they were giving birth. In PE we were looking at different balances, we had to choose two balances and link them together in one flowing movement. One group had three people so they had to work as a team to support each other. The teacher recorded us and next week we get to see how well we did and to see if we can improve our balances and linking moves. In literacy we were writing poems with inspiration from a Scottish poet called Robert Louis Stevenson. His poem was called “From a Railway Carriage”. We had to rhyme the words at the end of the lines and try and include onomatopoeia. We learned about the KY and KU join in handwriting, we are all getting better at trying to join our writing.
In IDL we went out outside to look at and try to identify birds we spotted. We used binoculars and charts to help us. It was great fun. We also had to stand quietly and listen to the bird songs we could hear. We are going to do this again next week and record our results on the RSPB’s Big Bird watch website. Hamish’s dad also came in to talk to us about birds. We learned that their beaks are all different and this is because they all eat different things and look for their food in different places. The whole class found it very interesting. Thank you Mr Lamont.
In maths we were learning about written subtraction strategies. We had to partition the numbers before we subtracted them. It was a little tricky at first but we all felt it was a good way of doing it.
We hope you have a good week
Hamish, Euan, Grace GM, Grace P and Millie
Next Week’s Highlights
Mon 6th Feb- Visit from a ranger and a visit to the peel
Please wear warm clothes and outdoor shoes
Wed 8th Feb-Visit to library
Frid 10th-Holiday
Wed 15th-Return to school