P4H blog 31/3/17

Hello and welcome to P4H’s class update.
This has been a very busy week and we have been doing lots of things about Easter. We did an egg decorating contest it was very creative and fun. We had lots of different ideas. Well done to Imogen who won with her fabulously bright peacock. We have been using the internet to research how Easter is celebrated in other countries across the world. Each group made an Easter Power Point; Mrs Henderson was very impressed with our amazing animations. We also used everything we had learned about positive body language and frequent eye contact to deliver a good presentation. We attended our church Easter service we all thought the choir, brass and strings were fantastic and well done to Dexter for his great reading.
In maths some of us have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes, prisms and pyramids. Some of us wrote DEVFS (depth, edges, vertices, faces, shape) on our white boards and drew 3D drawings. We also made 3D shapes using construction material. On Thursday we had a visit from the RSPB. We had great fun watching and identifying birds and playing games about habitat.
We all wish you a happy holiday and look forward to next term.
Hamish, Grace G, Grace P, Millie and Euan
Week’s Highlights
HAPPY HOLIDAYS! (Return 18th April)