P4H blog 19/5/17

Hello and welcome to our Blog.

In Mrs Henderson’s maths group we have been working on Time. We have used some computer games to practise digital and analogue times. We also worked in groups asking the time and writing it down three different ways. Miss Tully’s group has been looking at division we have been looking at halving and dividing by 10, 2 and 5.

We have been enjoying Forest school and this week we played a game called camouflage. This is like hide and seek but the seeker is not allowed to move and the hiders are to try not to be seen. The winner is the one who moves the closest and touches the tree. We also made willow baskets to transport something over a pulley. We learned that willow is a bendy tree that lives near water so it can soak up lots of water.

We have been learning about lots of different drugs like alcohol, medicine, tobacco and solvents. They are all drugs you can buy if you are 18 or over. We discussed lots of different kinds of drugs and why they might be dangerous.

In science we used magnets to push a metal ball through a maze. We also made posters to show different activities that use different push or pull forces from skiing to diving.

In literacy we have been doing comprehension. We have been using a highlighter pen to mark the keywords in a text and then working out what the main idea of a text might be.

We have all finished our lighthouses and they work! We used our knowledge of electricity and circuits to make a light in our lighthouse go off and on. Mrs Livingston was very impressed when she saw them.

We hope you have a good week.


Archie, Dexter, Maya, Lily and David

Next Week’s Highlights

Monday 22nd May Forest Schools please wear appropriate clothing for the weather conditions.

Thursday 25th May Dogs Trust visit

Thursday 25th May-Ragbag day please

Friday P4T Assembly