P4H blog 16/6/17

Hello and welcome to P4H’s class update.

Today we were going to meet our new teacher and we were delighted to find out that our new teacher is Mrs Henderson, again! Mrs Henderson says she is also delighted to be taking us into primary 5.

In maths some of us were doing fractions and decimals it was great fun. We enjoyed using Numicon to learn about decimals. We eventually saw the link between decimals and fractions. One tenth equals 0.1. We did lots of sums to practise them. Some other people were using the computers to learn about division.

We wrote letters to our new teacher and Mrs Henderson says she will look forward to reading them. We used a check list to make sure we included the right things in a letter. We have now completely finished our literature circles books and this week we shared our book reviews and our opinions about our books. Some people liked their book and some people did not like it as much as they had hoped.

We had PE and played a game called Danish Long Ball. One team were fielders and the other team stand in a line. The fielders throw and pass the ball and try to hit the other team as they run, all together, to the other side of the pitch and back. We had to be good at throwing, catching and dodging the ball. Every team member gets a point if they run there and back without being hit. We used a soft ball because it would be safer.

In French we have been revising classroom objects, we also heard a song about things you would find in a school bag or in a pencil case. We drew and labelled a picture about this.

Some of us enjoyed watching the Marches parade. It was good to see the floats; they were Boss baby, Beauty and the Beast and Denise the Menace. We enjoyed hearing different music from the drums, the bagpipes and the brass bands.

Some of us enjoyed the rides at the fair. It was great fun and we are looking forward to the gala. We hope you enjoy gala day.


Primary 4H

Next Week’s Highlights

Tuesday: visit to Tesco bakery and shop and picnic in the Peel.

(Please do not bring a packed lunch or pay for a lunch that day. We are buying our lunch in Tesco; a small charge will be confirmed at a later date.)

Friday: VLG assembly and coffee morning for parent helpers.