P4 blog 9/2/18

This week has been a very busy week. Mrs Fan visited our class and was teaching us all about China. She was very impressed with what we already knew about Chinese New Year. We even learned the name of some animals in Chinese!!!
This week in numeracy we have been looking at the partitioning way of multiplying numbers. Some of us have been learning strategies such as halving and doubling numbers to make the multiplication number easier to work with. Some of us are becoming very fast at recalling our tables to 10!
In literacy this week we did a lesson on Vision Off Sound On. We listened to the clip without watching it and used our imagination and we took notes on the sound to draw and write what we though was happening. At the end we finally watched the clip and it was very funny. Some of our own drawings were very similar to the clip! We also created humorous comic strips in writing. We were inspired by the work of Oor Wullie.
In health and wellbeing we were learning about trusted adults. We discussed which adults we can take medicine from safely. We then read out a number of scenarios which discussed things we should do to ensure we are being safe with medicines. In groups we had to discuss the most appropriate actions we should take if we were in the scenario.
We are very excited to have a long weekend this weekend! Only a week left until our class assembly!