P4 blog 6/10/17

Class Blog
Hello and welcome back to our weekly blog. We have had a busy week this week. In numeracy we have been learning to use a range of mental strategies we can use to help us add. Some of us found it very interesting listening to each other talk about the methods others used. In PE this week we have continued doing football. We were learning how to pass the ball with accuracy. Some of us were beginning to get really good at this and were very good at controlling the ball. In health and wellbeing we were discussing who our role models were and what makes a good role model. Some of us said our brothers and sisters were our role models whereas others suggested people such as Barak Obama and Ariana Grande were their role models. We learned that role models are people who set good examples and are people we admire. We have also been learning more about our Scotland topic. We now know that Ben Nevis is the largest mountain in Scotland. Some of us have actually climbed that! We also learned that River Tay is the largest river in Scotland. We also created posters about the famous landmarks which are in Scotland. We used ICT to help us research lots of facts on the landmarks. Some of the famous landmarks include Edinburgh Castle, Arthurs Seat, Loch Ness and Wallace’s Monument. This week in writing we created a simile poem. A simile is when something is being compared using the words ‘like’ or ‘as ’. Some of these were fantastic and we were remembering to use a lot of adjectives in our writing.