P4 blog 17/11/17

Class Blog

Hello and welcome back to our weekly blog.
In numeracy this week, we have been learning to subtract. We were learning the different mental strategies you can use when you are subtracting such as bridging and partitioning. We also learned about the different words associated with subtraction such as take away, minus, the difference between and subtract.
In literacy this week, we learned our new sound which is the ‘oo’. We then practiced our spelling words using the different strategies.
In art this week we designed Christmas baubles for a completion for Tesco. We used glitter, pens, pipe cleaners and tinsel to make them wonderful and Christmassy!!! The class looked like it had been hit by a glitter tornado.
We also created a mood board for Poppy Scotland. We had to draw a space for a good place to remember people who fought in the war.
In our Ancient Greece topic we learned about the Battle of the Marathon. We know that it is one of the most important battles that have taken place in History! We also learned about the Gods and Goddess. We chose one God or Goddess and researched facts about them. We then displayed our knowledge on a poster.
Next week is Road Safety week!