P4 blog 12/1/18

Hello and a massive Happy New year from p4. We hope you have had a lovely festive period. This was our first week back at school and it has been very busy!
This week in numeracy we have been doing lots of revision on topics we have previously been learning about through ICT, play and games. We have also been revising lots of subtraction for our upcoming assessment.
In literacy this week we wrote an imaginative story. We had the opportunity to write about ANYTHING. Our main focus of the story was to use as many VCOP targets as we could. We have definitely realised that p4 are getting very good at including VCOP in our writing.
We have also been practising lots of poems and songs for our Burns celebration which will take place at the West Port Hotel. We have been trying really hard to make ourselves sound very Scottish and use lots of expression when reciting the poems and song.
In art we created flip charts. Under each flap we wrote a New Year resolution for this year. We really hope we are able to stick to these resolutions and we have a fantastic year! Only two terms left! WOW!