P3 blog 9/2/18

The first exciting piece of news is that a student teacher has joined our class for 6 weeks as part of her training to become a teacher! It is great to have two adults to help us! In Literacy we were using our imaginations to write the continuation of a story based on a picture of Michael hearing a noise and looking under his bed. We had to think of good sentence openers, use some wow words and make sure it made sense. Our spelling pattern is –ey endings such as obey, they, monkey, valley, honey and turkey. We also looked at adjectives and character during reading and made one of the characters from our book a birthday card!
We are revisiting multiplication and have taken our understanding forward through various activities such as loop games, laptop games playing against each other, other games and consolidation by completing some jotter work. Any practise at home would also be greatly appreciated! We also continued with subtraction strategies through Number Talks.
We wrote and acted in our own charity adverts. We had to think of the setting, any music or sound effects, a script and drama skills. Our teacher filmed them and they look great! Mrs Fan told us about Chinese New Year and the legend of the animals that make up the Chinese zodiac. We made red envelopes and tried out some Chinese writing on them. The envelopes are given to children during the New Year festival with money in them.
There is no homework this week due to the February break. Have a lovely holiday!