P3 blog 8/6/17

Hello from P3!
In literacy we wrote a character study on a character of our choice from our reading books. We drew a picture of our character, wrote lots of adjectives around them and used them all in a paragraph. We also invented a character and labelled them with similes. There were many strange and wonderful characters with a cape as red as blood, teeth as sharp as nails and hair as wavy as the sea! We also had the privilege of attending the Linlithgow Book Festival to listen to an author called Mike Nicholson. We had read his book previously in class!

In maths we played round the world, which is a times tables game of speed and skill. We also went outside to look carefully at multiplication and make arrays from chalk, stones and twigs. We drew as many ways as we could think of that helps us work out a multiplication. Some of us were interested in long multiplication and we were shown how to break down the numbers and use the ‘box’ method.

Our castle now has an owlery. We drew beautiful owls using chalk pastels and they are now roosting in our class! Our entrance to the class is now a big wooden door with a portcullis. The portraits of the staff are also now on display.